Blessings in disguise


There are few things that athletes fear more than injuries. The simple diagnosis of an 8-10 week recovery period can seem more like a death sentence to any serious athlete and competitor. Unfortunately, the injury bug has come my way. I recently fractured the orbital floor of my right eye. In lamens terms, my eye socket is messed up and I can’t play basketball. (Huge shoutout to the large Lithuanian dude who elbowed me, real class act) Fortunately for me, my sentence is only 3-4 weeks, which happens to fall right during a break in our schedule. So in terms of missing games it’s worked out as well as it possibly could. More often than not though, injuries frequently come at the most inopportune times.
More than a few friends of mine have been hit by the bug this season. Will Rackley, Charrell Mack, Jordan Borucki, Marquis hall and most recently Lehigh’s C.J. McCollum and Devon Carter.
Though their sentences may be considered long, they should both fully recover from their injuries.
Now with that being said, obviously in the short term getting injured is horrible. But in the long term a lot of good can also come as a result of an individual’s time away from the game.
I personally view injuries as acts of god. They’re his way of giving us a bit of perspective on where we have been and where we can potentially go. God has a good way of adjusting situations to workout for the best. In some cases that means slowing us down because we’re moving towards a goal too quickly, or he might simply be breaking us down to build us up further. Either way, everything happens for a reason, and it’s much easier to accept these reasons once you understand that god has your best interest in mind.

Stay blessed.


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