Well, I was looking for a great way to restart my blog for the summer and of course I gave myself that. Today i travel back home to Los Angeles, California, so as you all already know something was bound to go wrong on my end. But anyway let me reintroduce myself and the concept that I’m trying to push through my writing. Don’t worry we will get to my stupidity in a bit.

As many of you may know last year I was inspired by a group of classmates and challenged by a former professor to write a blog post a day for 90 days. I made the decision to focus many, if not all, of my posts on basketball and my journey to signing my first professional contract. Having completed the first step of chasing my dream and completing a relatively successful rookie season I decided again to revive the concept. First of all because it was a joyful experience to write and share my thoughts, and secondly I won’t be able to play the game forever so I might as well continue to hone my journalistic skills. I hope to be able to convey the ups and downs of this process while bringing a smile to readers faces.
With that being said let the laughter (at me) begin.
On my last journey back to the US I made one of the most critical travel errors possible. The hotel in which I was residing in was 4 hours and 30 minutes from the airport I would be departing from and I decided to forget my passport, only to realize this once we were about 20 minutes from the airport. Good job, Mike. Long story short, I placed myself on a time crunch an had to make a miracle happen to arrive at the airport before my flight departed. By some act of god (Praise him), I managed to safely travel that distance back and fourth and arrive at the airport before my flight departed, only to find out that there was an issue with my passport. Yes, this issue did cause me to miss my flight, which cost an arm and a leg to reschedule.
Now with that in mind it was obvious that I would be better prepared for my next battle with the airport .
Today I arrived at the airport a full 2 hours ahead of schedule and head to check my bags in. Problem! I was misinformed by someone within the airline and thought the first two bags I check in would be free and I’d simply have to pay about 80+ dollars to check the third bag. Oh how wrong I was. The policy allowed one free bag and the following bag would be 80€ and the third would be another 160€. Yeah problems right? And no I’m not mistaking my currencies, for whatever reason my dude Martin (another Marquis Hall look alike) who worked for KLM/Delta was insistent that I pay in Euros.
Yeah, ok, can I speak with your manager bro?
So I now am directed to another counter which is conveniently about 100 feet from the check in counter. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the manager’s name so we’re just gonna call him John. John was absolutely no help at all haha, and if anything he made things worse and cost me precious time. John also was starting to act in semi condescending manner towards me so I wisely opted to walk away and went to holla at Martin again.
There is now about a 30 minute window for me to check my bags get through security and hustle on to the plane, and for anyone who has traveled internationally knows how small a window of time that is. My life was packed into these three bags, unfortunately only two were going coming with me. But luckily the third bag was all Jordan’s, anyone that knows me knows there’s no way on this planet I’m leaving J’s at some random airport. Long story short, I cut my losses and threw away clothes and some non perishable British food I was bringing back for my mom. In hind sight I should have taken a picture of the huge mess I made at the ticket counter but there wasn’t really time for that. My bags are now officially checked in and I let out a huge sigh of relief, only to be reminded by Martin that I have about eight minutes to get through security and board the plane.
Let me just say, I always used to be that guy that laughed at people sprinting balls out to make their respective flights. My how the tables had turned. I sprint from the ticket counter and talk my way to the front of the security line, take out my Laptop throw my bags on the X-ray scanner and think I’m in the clear. But of course they decide to re-scan and re-check my bag. —_____— Coincidentally as this is occurring I hear my name being called over the PA system and the woman politely telling me to move my ass and get on the plane. I grab my bag and sprint towards where I think the gate is, apparently I can’t read signs and went the wrong way. But was quickly corrected, of course Gate 10 is seemingly mles away from security, and at this point I’m sweating, which is understandable considering I’m sprinting full speed wearing a long sleeve and a hoodie. I finally get to the gate and literally run onto the tarmac to make the flight. As i board the plane to the laughter of my fellow travelers and the flight attendants. I make my way to my seat and head to put my bag in the overhead compartment. I noticed for whatever reason my bag was unzipped? And then it hits me. Yes world, I did leave my laptop with security. You’re most likely thinking, ‘wow, Mike is an Idiot’. Hey, you’re right.
I ask the flight attendant if there is anyway I can sprint back and get it, but it’s too late at this point.
Luckily I ask the flight attendants and my Mom via bbm to contact security and have them hold the computer.
At some point in the near future I’ll get the computer obviously. But this just confirms the fact that I’m travel retarded. I mean who does that? I always manage to find a way to make traveling interesting for the wrong reasons. Pray for me.


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