Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s day, one of the worst days of the year for single women and true Sidechicks, yet it really shouldn’t be. First, the definition of a “true sidekick,” is a woman or girl that is fully aware of the fact that her significant other has a truly significant other who will always be held above her and whom she cannot compete with. To the male she is just a hook up while to the female she wants to be something more and replace his main chick.    But here’s some stuff to think about if you are having or had a horrible Valentine’s Day.
Valentines Day was originally observed as a holiday to honor martyred saints of ancient Rome. The name valentine, comes from the Latin word “Valens” which means worthy, strong and powerful. This happened to be a popular name / surname between the second and eight centuries. There were a total of 14 martyred saints, which is the obviously explanation for why the “holiday” falls on the 14th day of the month.
It wasn’t until the late 1300’s that the meaning of Valentine’s Day became associated with love. We can blame all of this on Geoffrey Chaucer. To those of you who have never heard his name before Chaucer is arguably considered the greatest English poet of all time.
In 1382 he wrote a poem called “The Parliament of Foules,” which famously featured lines saying “For this was Saint Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.”
Yeah, it’s pretty easy to connect the dots on what that was alluding to. By the 1600’s it had developed into a full on occasion where lovers gave each other flowers, greeting cards the whole nine and from that point on it evolved into the commercial holiday that we now recognize it as.
But going back to the meaning of the word “Valens”, you can also easily see how worthy, strong and powerful can be tied into how one feels for someone else. Yet in reality they should be used to describe how we feel about ourselves.
For single women Valentine’s Day should be a day about loving yourself. You don’t need someone to buy you some overpriced flowers, cheap chocolate and a corny card to know your value and worth as a person. Instead of being bitter at the fact that you don’t have someone cherish the fact that you don’t need someone. If you love yourself first it will become a whole lot easier for someone else to love you.
To all my fellow males out there I apologize in advance for blowing up your spots, but to the true Sidechicks. Not to quote Drake, but I’m just saying you really can do better. The fact that your willingly messing with a man who is in a relationship says something in its own right, but on top of that you want to become the main chick is just stupid. Know your worth and know you can go out and find someone of your own who will really make you happy. You’re probably deserving of so much more than a “Happy Valentine’s day” text message, E-Card or tweet.
To conclude, too the few and the proud who are in happy and loving relationships cherish this day and try and do something special for your significant other, and if your single it’s not the end of the world keep your heads up.




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  1. This is Such a lovely article to read as a single girl.’ Its a day about Loving yourself’ This is such a true statement that every single person out there today should think about. Lovely Article. Xx

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