The Experience








We officially completed our preseason / preseason games this past weekend, even though we randomly have to wake up to condition tomorrow morning.
But more about this weekend, on Sunday we were slated to have two games. Yes, two games in one day, AAU style. In our first game we faced the Cheshire Jets, another BBL team that we will face multiple times this season.
I woke up nervous as could be which was understandable considering this was the first meaningful professional game I was set to play in. I was also a little bit uncertain about the amount of minutes I was going to play and all that good stuff. The familiar pre-game butterflies started to set in.
Coach Love then announced his planned starters and my name was among them.
Long story short we ended up winning the game 87-68. Personally I ended up scoring 17 points, grabbing five rebounds and dishing out two assists.
In our second game we faced Sweden’s Sodertalje Kings. They were a much more physical and aggressive team than the Jets. We held our own early before they jumped on us in the second quarter and put us into a hole that we couldn’t climb out of.
I finished the game with 11 points and four rebounds.
One challenge I’ve met so far is adjusting to the way the games are called. A lot of the referees are very inconsistent and it’s hard to get a feel for the kinds of calls that they choose to make.
Off the court, next week I start my weekly column in one of the local papers. This will be my first official act as a journalist. Surprisingly I’m not that excited because I feel like the style of writing that I have developed in America won’t be up to British standards, but we shall see. Anyway, today was our off day, however it was different than any off day I’ve ever had before.
As a team we participated in the Land Rover experience. The experience gave us the opportunity to get behind the wheel of two Land Rovers and two Range Rovers and drive them off road to fully experience their driving capabilities. I was pretty hype to do so because I plan on owning a Range Rover at some point in my life and it is the first car I want to buy once I get financially situated.
I don’t really have the words to describe it but getting behind the wheel of a car like this in its natural element is an unreal experience. These cars are more than capable of getting their owners through anything. I never would have pictured myself being thrown around the British country side in the back of a 100,000$ fully loaded Range Rover. But anyway, back to business, and as many of you know, an off day for me really doesn’t exist without me getting some type of shots up. So on that note to the gym I go.
The grind continues.




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