Mr. Rogers Neighborhood


Another long day in the books. We finally reached and completed the last day of preseason training. It was relatively difficult today so I decided not to head into the gym to put shots up. Instead I decided to explore, and for those of you who kept telling me to do so finally got your wish.
Of course my main reason for venturing out was to get a hair cut. At the reference of my teammates I set out to find Rodger’s barbershop and a man by the name of Muhammad. In any random American city this task would have been simple, but as a result of my lack of an unlimited Data plan, Google maps just was not an option.
I’m sure most people would assume that I got lost on this escapade, and those of you who did were correct.
A trip that should have taken me 10 minutes at most ended up taking around two hours. It was great -_-, I ended up going in a few circles, rectangles and clipping the mirror of my car multiple times on these small british roads. Life is that much harder when you have to drive on the left hand side of the road and tackle round-a-bouts.
When I finally arrived at the barbershop it wasn’t anything that I expected. It was a very small classic looking barbershop and standing at the back of the shop was Muhammad. Long story short, he gave me one of the best hair cuts I’ve received in my entire life. The adventure was well worth it. All this ties into a nice life lesson. I learned a lot about the city of plymouth through my mistakes.
In order to grow and learn you have to take the risk of making a mistake. At the end of the day, a life without risk is not a life worth living.

The grind continues.



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