Rule No.1 You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped

Rule No.2 You can’t take on other peoples’ problems

Rule No.3 Don’t live in the past or you will miss your present

Rule No. 4 Words have no meaning unless you believe what’s behind them

Rule No. 5 Money Doesn’t guarantee happiness

Rule No. 6 Trust few and love less

Rule No.7 A Second Chance is taking responsibility for the mess you made in the first place

Rule No. 8 God doesn’t make mistakes

Rule No. 9 Forgive but never forget

Rule No. 10 Don’t get bitter, just get better

Rule No. 11 You can survive without love, but you will die with hate

Rule No. 12 Family always comes first

Rule No. 13 You can’t buy swag

Rule No.14 Hard work can take you a long way

Rule No. 15 Friends come and go but family is forever

Rule No. 16 Just be you

Rule No. 17 Never forget where you come from

Rule No. 18 Good things come to those who help others

Rule No. 19 Wise Words come from decent men

Rule No. 20 Don’t let go of your dreams

Rule No. 21 Love conquers all

Rule No. 22 Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Rule No. 23 just because he has fresh gear on that doesn’t mean he can hoop

Rule No. 24 Don’t Talk about it, be about it

Rule No. 25 Love > Logic

Rule No. 26 Mind > Heart

Rule No. 27 Think before you speak

Rule No. 28 Age definitely doesn’t indicate wisdom or maturity

Rule No. 29 Learn from your mistakes and grow from your misfortunes

Rule No. 30 A first impression can also give you a second chance

Rule No. 31 Allow each day to be better then the last by letting some things go and learning from the past.

Rule No. 32 A lot of people talk but few people really say anything.. Listen > Speech

Rule No. 33 If you don’t know, don’t judge

Rule No. 34 Nothing is impossible to a willing heart

Rule No. 35 Keep it …

Rule No. 36 If you don’t live it, you don’t believe it

Rule No. 37 Value you yourself otherwise no one else will

Rule No. 38 If you text someone and they don’t text you back don’t send three more texts to them

Rule No. 39 Don’t criticize things that you don’t understand

Rule No. 40 A hoe will always make up an excuse to justify why she isn’t a hoe

Rule No. 41 Sometimes an apology is 2 much 2 ask for from certain people. That alone should be a sign that they aren’t worth your time

Rule No. 42 Things will Change

Rule No. 43  Half these hoes aren’t worth the lies told to get them

Rule No. 44 Loving what you do is the key to achievement

Rule No. 45 Be instructed by reason, yet inspired by passion

Rule No. 46 Let many things catch your eye, but let few things catch your heart

Rule No. 47 Live through the pain of risk instead of the pain of regret

Rule No. 48 Be intentional

Rule No.49 Recognize the difference between moving and moving in the right direction

Rule No. 50 Don’t let your yesterday take up too much of your today

Rule No. 51 Everyone has something to hide

Rule No. 52 All’s well that’s begins well

Rule No. 53 Act grown or stay home





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