So just to catch up I’m more than likely going to throw up another post today. Things are going well out here. I have finally adjusted to the time difference, the inconsistent weather, and almost to the food. But today I had a pretty interesting experience. We had another team scrimmage / friendly against another U.S.A. select team. The only twist came with the game being played at a local middle / high school. I was excited to visit one of the schools out here (No Chris Hansen), primarily because I recently read an article that stated that Britain has one of the worst teenage drop-out rates of any “Developed” country. (http://thetim.es/6zlWd)   About one in ten of those aged 15 to 19 are not in school, work or training. That’s insane, and seeing this statistic I would have assumed the school was going to be empty, run down and unorganized. But that was not remotely the case. The school was in superb condition, organized and the kids had a weird Hogwarts swag about themselves. Yes they were all wearing black coats and Gryffindor colored ties lol.  But the funniest part about the whole experience was having all the kids assume that I was a gang member. Yep, British kids + Youtube = a horrible representation of America. But you can always count on kids to give you a good laugh.  The actual game itself was interesting. I got my first start and ended up playing well individually, but as a team we played down to the level of our competition. As many athletes know, the longer you let a sub-par team hang around the more confident they become and the harder they become to beat. Ask Kansas. Luckily for us, eventually we did dig in and close out the game.
7 a.m wake up call tomorrow.. excited?



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