Off Day


My blogging time has definitely slowed down these days. I have nothing to blame for that but fatigue. We’re working hard over here and based on the jet lag I still have, I’m having some late nights and early mornings. But the past few days have been different. I’ve almost been here for a week and I’m getting a good feel for it now and I’m really starting to settle in.
Yesterday was media day and obviously my first as a professional athlete. It was an experience, especially since I’m the only rookie on the team. I felt just a little bit awkward, quietly sitting at the podium while questions were being thrown at my teammates and coach. A few questions, photos and snacks later and our media day was done. All that was standing between myself and an off day was a two hour practice and a team meal.
Practices have been going smoothly and everyone is dialed in and focused as we prepare for our first scrimmage. Tomorrow we are facing a USA select team and if all goes according to plan we should be able to come away with a victory. Hey, I’m not going to lie I’m a little nervous since it’s my first professional game. But I’m ready and it should be a great experience.



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  1. Just go out there and show them some of that attitude like when you played against Lafayette! Show them what you got. Keep working hard.

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