Day 1.


Three flights and about 18 hours later and I’m here. With god’s blessing I have safely made it to England. The flights were long and semi uncomfortable and my body’s internal clock has been lost somewhere between Houston, Atlanta and Amsterdam.

I honestly have so much I could write at this point I really dont know where to begin and i’m sure that i’m going to end up leaving something out.

Today was a solid day though. I met a good amount of the team in addition to the owner, coach and GM. Everyone i’ve encountered so far has been more than cordial. I’m excited to have the chance to play in this program.

Jet Lag is absolutely no joke, but luckily I never really experienced it prior to today. But an eight hour time difference is nothing remotely small and my grand plan of staying awake just didn’t work out at all. I didn’t just pass out, I pretty much blacked out lol. I have no remote recollection of falling asleep at all I just remember the clock magically going from around 2 p.m to about 6. Fail.

I also had my first legitimate experience trying to buy food of some sort. I didn’t step to far out of the box, McDonald’s exist everywhere these days, yet I was thoroughly disappointed for a few reasons. First things first, in England there is no such thing as a dollar menu. You can call me cheap if you want I really don’t care, but you’re a fool if you don’t take advantage of this in America. Second, the portions are so small. I ordered a large McChicken Sandwich meal, and it ended up coming out looking like a medium. Yeah, I wasn’t too happy about that. I also ordered a side of six piece chicken nuggets to go with it and they gave me five haha.  Keep in mind this all came to about 10 pounds or something like that which is just ridiculous considering a pound is like equal to 1.50 or something like that. To say the least I was pretty upset haha, not to mention I had to pay 5 Pence for ketchup. Yeah prior to today I didn’t know what pence were either, the woman behind the register looked at me more than sideways when I held out a hand full of change expecting her to help me.

All in all it was a solid first day and tomorrow can only get better. I will be getting a cell phone hopefully after some meetings and driving lessons. Let’s not even talk about how backwards the driving situation out here is. Hopefully I can get in a gym too because I’m starting to suffer from withdrawal from basketball and it’s only been two days. I definitely don’t want to sit around and KIck it too much.




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  1. Michael, thank you for blogging about your adventures. They are interesting and inspiring. I’m only becoming worried you’re going to stop at 90 days. Why not go for 180? I think it would take at least that long to document the full extent of your transition.

    And, don’t let the ankle-biters get you down ..

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