The journey begins


My last day in L.A. was by far one of the longest days of my life. I was pretty much awake for the entire day. It’s funny how as soon as people find out your leaving, a few things happen. Some try and say their goodbyes and are very friendly and cordial while others take the opportunity to de-fame your character and try and change others thoughts and opinions about you. At this point in my life I’m not even going to acknowledge the negative immature side of it anymore than I already have.
But to those who have been cordial and wished me well I thank you. I have no words to really describe the gratitude I have towards you all. But anyway, of course I waited till the last minute to decide to pack. I’m an expert at this point so naturally it went pretty smoothly and I set out to say some goodbyes. The funniest part of my night definitely came at USC where I went to spend some time with my sister with one of bestfriends. To say the least I’m more than embarrassed to ever say that I was a freshman boy haha. If this all seems to be going too smoothly to you, it was. But don’t worry there is some conflict. At 2 A.M as I was going through a mini checklist of what I needed to take over with me I ran into a snag.
The team had requested that I come with four passport photos and a scanned copy of my drivers license. Yeah, definitely didn’t have this on hand. So long story short, four CVS’s and a kinko’s later my little mission was complete. Fast forward 30 minutes and now I’m on the way to the airport. Expecting all to be good and kosher because I’m familiar with everything at this point. Sike, not so soon delta smacks me with a lovely 70 dollar bag fee and then proceeds to try and tell me that my bag is overweight -_- haha. Yeah, fast foward 10 hectic minutes and I some how managed to shed 10 pounds of lugagge weight by leaving two hoodies and a pair of shoes? I guess haha. But now the journey really begins. This is the culmination of a series of goals that I set for myself a long time ago and it’s truly a blessing to even have this opportunity. The last thing I’m going to do is take this for granted. The euro swag is in effect.



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