Sooner than later


Summer is over, five days left. It’s really starting to set in that this whole England thing is really happening. I say it like that only because this whole thing feels like a dream. A dream that will hopefully turn into a long and successful reality. The only problem is I’m starting to feel a familiar nervous feeling that I haven’t felt since my freshman year of college. Yeah, in more areas than one. The only difference is I’m a completely different person, and most importantly my game is in a completely different place. But the tiny bit of doubt and nervousness is honestly natural because this means so much to me. I’ve definitely put in the work, I’ve shed blood and sweat for this game. The tears came a lot when I was younger, my eyes dried once the basket started to cry. (Good one) Naturally a lot of confidence has come as a result of this, but thinking about success would be too easy, which is something I’ve never done. (Could be a problem)
The doubt will go, I just wish I had the opportunity to bring some of my loved ones with me.
Hopefully I’m blessed with that gift sooner than later…



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