Earthquake 101


As an aftershock that would lightly stir coffee for most west coasters rumbles through the DMV district, I thought it was necessary to give just a little bit of earthquake advice to those rookies out there.
First things first, most of you already face a huge disadvantage based upon the structures you live in. A lot of east coast building are made of brick. This isn’t a bad thing because normally it would protect its inhabitants from hurricanes and things of that nature because brick is strong vertically, yet laterally is a whole different story. Many structures on the west coast have to be built to certain standards to withstand these basic type earthquakes. They tend to be built out of structures that can flex, which allows the entire structure to absorb and just rock with the moving earth. Yeah, sorry guys, yall could be in trouble.
During a quake it’s important to find a stable place to protect yourself. More often than not the best place to do so is in a strong and sturdy doorway in your home. If you can’t get to one of these, your next best option is to get under a sturdy desk and protect your neck with your hands.
This is all great in theory but during that worst case scenario most of yall will just freak out and in that case head outside but try and get to an area where you won’t get hit by falling debris.

Good luck lol.


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