Omnia vincit amor


All in all looking back on today it was a great day.
I believe that in life you should always take steps to ensure yourself a future, and the more fields that you can do this in, the better off you will end up. With that being said today I took some steps forward to making sure I have a career after Basketball. Granted that is a long ways away but a wise man is always prepared.  As many of you know I graduated as a journalism major and I minored in communications, and have aspirations to eventually go into the broadcast side of journalism. Today I had the chance to have lunch with Ben Lyons. Ben is an up and coming writer and television personality who works for E!. He took time out of his day to speak to me about the business I eventually want to get into and also gave me a few ideas. It was very productive and will definitely be beneficial to my growth as a journalist.
I’m definitely going to continue my blogging and start to attempt to make a brand of myself, yet by no means do I mean that in any sort of egotistical way lol.
My night was something else. Those of you out there who follow me on twitter most likely played witness to it. I apologize but it was one of those things that I felt needed to be done. But life happens. In retrospect I wouldn’t have even placed myself in that position but you live and you learn. Following the spirit of that thought I came up with just a few simple rules / things that I’m now going to try and live by.

Rule No.1 You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped
Rule No.2 You can’t take on other peoples’ problems
Rule No.3 Don’t live in the past or you will miss your present
Rule No. 4 Words have no meaning unless you believe what’s behind them
Rule No. 5 Money Doesn’t guarantee happiness
Rule No. 6 Trust few and love less
Rule No.7 A Second Chance is taking responsibility for the mess you made in the first place
Rule No. 8 God doesn’t make mistakes
Rule No. 9 Forgive but never forget
Rule No. 10 Don’t get bitter, just get better
Rule No. 11 You can survive without love, but you will die with hate
Rule No. 12 Family always comes first
Rule No. 13 You can’t buy swag
Rule No.14 Hard work can take you a long way
Rule No. 15 Friends come and go but family is forever
Rule No. 16 Just be you
Rule No. 17 Never forget where you come from
Rule No. 18 Good things come to those who help others
Rule No. 19 Wise Words come from decent men
Rule No. 20 Don’t let go of your dreams
Rule No. 21 Love conquers all



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