The Youth


Yeah this thing we call life is funny. The more people I talk to about it the more I’m really starting to believe it.
I’m a fan of listening. There are times where I can be loud and outspoken and just mess around, but for those who really know me, whenever I get quiet it’s for a reason. In my younger immature days it was because I was mad and just didn’t know how to laugh things off, but now that I’ve aged and matured I do it when I want to listen. For the most part the most important people out there that anyone should listen to are their elders. By elders I don’t always mean older siblings, but ill explain that later lol.
Today I had a conversation with my trainer, Lucky, on the advantages of being a younger sibling.
Most of the time the eldest child is almost like a test dummy. Parents have the opportunity to attempt to work their parenting magic with little to no real experience of raising a child. Obviously as a family grows, parents eventually fine tune the process to produce a better product. Normally being a child with a good head upon his shoulders.
In addition to being exposed to a better parenting process, younger children also get to learn from their older siblings’ mistakes and also tend to be exposed to a lot of things at a younger age.
As a middle child I’ve had a lot of chances to learn from my brother’s mistakes. To the extent that my brother and I both consider me as the older brother even though physically he is older than I am. If any of you reading know my brother I now consider him to be one of my life projects haha.
Ultimately as a younger person you are eventually going to have to aid and guide those who raised you. Through their teaching the job will be done and done well.


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