Family First


#Icanhonestly say that when I initially decided to do this little blog challenge, I really didn’t think that I was going to follow through with it. The concept was very simple, I’m supposed to just write at least 90 words for 90 days. Easy enough right? Right. With the obvious subject of many entries being about basketball and my love and devotion to it. But today’s entry is going to be a little bit different. I’ve spoken about the concept of family here before but I’ve decided to revisit the topic.
Today I was blessed with the opportunity to attend my mentor Travon Muhammad’s wedding. Obviously being the person that I am, I started to think.
There are many people that we all encounter and come across throughout the game of life, yet who is really there for you? By there for you I don’t mean someone who just responds to the occasional text message or tweet. I mean someone who will actually ride or die for you.
Not someone who will jump ship due to others success, take others word over yours and or abandon you. People like this tend to be really hard to find. It’s hard to find someone whose going to stay beside while you’re still marching to the top.
Those that do instantly become family and in my book family comes first. Family will always be around and will always hold you down. No matter what the case, those you hold closest to you must come first.



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