September 3rd


Today was another good day and I have so many thoughts racing through my head I honestly don’t know where to begin.
But uh let’s see, I officially received my flight information for my trip to London. I will be leaving on September 3rd. I thought this would be a routine thing but I got my confirmation a little bit later than usual. I’m not going to lie I was definitely a little nervous that it wasn’t going to ever come.
A wave of confidence has overtaken me, yet it’s not that arrogant entitled confidence. It is a trust that I’m starting to gain within myself as a result of the time and work I have put into getting better. I got to put this to the test again today against a solid group of seasoned veteran overseas players. By veteran by no means do I mean old men on the trail ends of their careers. These guys can still go. It’s a great challenge and a great way for me to improve myself, which is all I’m looking to do at the end of the day.

I’m also officially over the fact that I won’t be going back to college. After helping my sister move into USC, the appeal of that lifestyle just disappeared. Thank you Samantha for helping me move on with my life haha. But as usual, the grind continues. Another 550 wake up call and day full of workouts. I’m blessed with 16 more days here so let’s get it.



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