Some days you really should take a step back and look around you and see how blessed you really are. Today was one of those days for me. I had the opportunity to relax at home, skype and just chill before I worked out, and at that point I realized how fortunate I am to have some of the people who I associate myself with in my life. As I’ve said many times before, without these people I wouldn’t be half the person I am today.
Today also marked the last day that I would be living with my younger sister.
Tomorrow she begins the second phase of her life and moves into her college dorm at USC.
Yeah, I have no words for that. Time just keeps slipping into the future. The sister that I have pretty much been protecting and taking care of for longer than I can remember is now grown up. To keep it short, I hope she doesn’t have the kind of year some Freshmen I know had.

Its almost starting to miss school. Naaa, not quite.



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  1. Mike I really enjoy your posts. John calls me busy body, As a therapist, I am curious about people. Please give your sister my best. I was not sure where she was attending college. I have a neice @ USC, 2nd year graduate prggram.


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