After finding myself in one of those positions that you never feel like you would ever end up in, I came to the conclusion that a positive influence can play a huge roll in an adolescent’s life. Especially when that child is lacking influence in a certain area of life.
After we age and grow we get the chance to take a look back on our lives. I think about some of the things that many key people have done to help mold me into the person that I have become today.

In my life I’ve had many a positive influences. Daryl Roper, Kevin Jackson and Travon Dugar to name a few. Collectively they helped steer my life in the right direction.
I subconsciously reached for positive male influences and ended up with three of the best.
Through many years and experiences I have ended up the person that I am today. These men helped me cultivate a passion to succeed in life and not just athletics. The game of life is simple, if you have no passion you won’t be able to succeed. #Wisewordsfromadecentman
Now when you add dedication and focus to that passion the sky is the limit for your success.
Possession is portrayed as 9/10th of success, yet contrary to popular belief, true success can only be defined by you.
This bit of nostalgia was sparked by the completion of my seventh or eight year of working Baron Davis camp and a dinner which placed me around a group of people whose eye I literally grew up in front of. My fourth grade teacher, elementary school P.E. teacher and my middle school P.E. Teacher / high school coach.

Time flies.


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