Thoughts From the Clouds Pt. 3


It’s been a roller coaster ride of a summer and it’s slowly coming to an end. Hopefully this isn’t the last flight I take before I head across the pond.
I’m headed back to Cali, which I originally left with a decent amount of uncertainty. I’m returning not to celebrate but to continue working. I’m definitely going to work smarter and not quite as hard.
It was hard to leave Bethlehem this time because I really have no clue when I’m headed back. I grew up a lot in that small city and learned many lessons that I hope will prepare me for the task I have at hand. I’ve been separated from some good people, but we will definitely meet down the road. But anyway, to continue my mini tradition, here are 30 thoughts/ statements from 30,000 feet.

1. It’s ridiculous to me that flight attendants are required to explain how to use a seat belt. Honestly if you don’t know how to put a belt on you really shouldn’t be flying.

2. The sunset looks beautiful through the clouds.

3. I can’t wait to do all this flying with someone else.

4. On board Wifi is a great way to hustle Americans who can’t afford to disconnect from the world for a few hours.

5. Being the bigger person in certain situations is substantially overrated.

6. The creator of the middle seat might be the devil. 6 6 6 there wouldn’t be any problems if that middle 6 wasn’t there. Just like a window and aisle seat wouldn’t be bad if there wasn’t a middle seat.

7. #Shoutout to my families, in LA, NY and PA, I’m going to miss yall.

8. Does anyone else remember when flight attendants used to give you those little wings to make you feel like you were a pilot?

9. Definitely going to get my wisdom teeth out, this pain is something else. But it too shall pass.

10. Everyone has to believe in something.

11. I believe the NBA lockout might just be a conspiracy to further globalize the game of basketball. By that I mean that the league is definitely looking to place franchises in strong overseas markets to generate more revenue? Maybe? Naaa

12. Note to self, don’t fly delta, they suck.

13. Friendship is definitely a two way street. If one person consistently has to initiate anything and everything that person should take a hint.

14. For the first time ever I can see all these back to school commercials and just laugh. No more school for me!

15. Apparently the guy beside me is cold, three blankets later haha.

16. #shoutout to the cold guy for doing coke right beside me. -_-

17. “You ever just let your balllllls hang out.. B raee” – Family Guy

18. I’m cooler than a bag of dorrito’s.. The blue bag

19. So why is Kim Kardashian famous again?

20. This time next month ill be on a flight heading out of the country. America we’ve had a good run, I might not come back.

21. You gotta love those people who just love to hear the sounds of their own voice. It’s ok to stop talking.

22. I feel bad for those who are 6’5 +. I don’t know how you can manage to fly.

23. Definitely going to be changing my jersey number this season. 23 it was nice, very nice, but you were thrust upon me.

24. As I’ve transitioned to different stages in my basketball career my number has changed. I was 32 in high school and obviously 23 in college. I’m going to be five as a pro. As it is the sum of my two favorite numbers.

25. People who still drive Hummers, minus O’raz, have no regard for human life. From a wealth standpoint, hats off to you people for being sucessful enough at what you choose to do to have it like that.

26. If this Little guy behind me doesn’t stop kicking my seat, I might just turn around and kick him.

27. It turns out the guy beside me needed three blankets to sit on? O_o

28. I don’t trust male flight attendants.

29. Dream how you want to live, then live that dream.

30. Love never dies.



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