Donuts of Disappointment


Another long day in the books, and about three more to go but I’m enjoying it, minus some of the delightful little campers I’m dealing with from 8:30-3:30, and the horrible donuts we had for breakfast. Thanks T.J, it is more than draining. Standing for hours on end really takes a toll on the body, and if you could remotely comprehend how much of a toll these kids can take on the mind you would never want to work a summer day care camp, I mean basketball camp. These are some of the worst kids I’ve ever dealt with. Not as a whole though, the three or four bad seeds in the camp are substantially worse than any other kids I’ve ever dealt with. Let’s not begin to talk about their attitudes, temperaments and attention spans. Don’t get me wrong though, there are a lot of good kids who are eager to listen and learn. But the bad kids stick out worse than that one skinny kid who accidentally signed up for fat camp.
As usual it will all be worth it on Friday when that check is supposed to arrive.
But the present is still tough especially when you plan on working out after the camp. Nothing about that is easy. I’m also still on pace with my shooting goal for the week. I managed to get another 1000+ shots up today, bringing my total to about 2400 in the past two days. I can only hope to continue this for the rest of August.



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