August 1st


August 1st. It doesn’t really feel like it, but as I look back on my summer, time has really flown by. It’s ridiculous that it’s already August. So much has happened since I graduated two months ago and most importantly, thanks to god’s blessings, I now have a job playing basketball. Beautiful life right? Yes, but nothing about it is easy. A few days ago, I issued the challenge to myself to make/take 6-8,000 shots this week. Today I dove head first into the challenge. Of course starting in the late night, I put up 669 shots while making 473. Definitely a decent percentage, but it’s not quite good enough. I want and need to get better. Sometime between now and 10 pm tomorrow I need to get another 500 ish makes in.
There really is nothing better than late night hours in the office. The difference between myself and many others is I’m not yet getting paid for this overtime. But I’m also enjoying the work I’m doing, especially because I feel myself getting better and that’s what it’s all about. I have about a month left in America!



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