So today I was blessed with an open gym and a track, and I took full advantage of both. At this point I haven’t ran this much since I was 18. I’m starting to feel the running, but it’s that good kind of pain. My legs are getting stronger and my single leg bounce is coming back. But the best part about the whole process is how motivated I am.
Next week I’m gonna really challenge myself. A couple of years ago one of my favorite Nba players to watch, Gilbert Arenas, put out a blog that documented his summer workouts. He attempted to make 100,000 shots in 73 days.
That’s my inspiration, but I’m not going to be able to take it to that level, simply because I’m not sure I’ll have unlimited gym access like that. So I’m simply gonna try and get up the not so lofty number of between 6-8,000 makes during this coming week. Assuming I can get the gym access I want, that would give me about 32,000 makes total throughout the month of August. Let’s get it!



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