Family is something that many people take for granted. For different reasons, primarily because they have the luxury of seeing them all the time. Others have just been spoiled by the fact that they’ve always had the luxury of having them in their lives. I almost just almost wish I could be in this position. Only because I wasn’t blessed with the greatest relationships with much of my extended family and my father. But in time those relationships will all form and in some cases mend. With the lack of some of these crucial relationships I formed others with various coaches, teammates and friends. The one I really want to highlight is my relationship with Prentice Small and his family.
On my official visit to Lehigh I was paired with this small, swag filled kid from New York. He had already committed to Lehigh, while I had no idea what decision I was going to make with basketball. Ironically his host on the visit was marquis hall while mine was zahir carrington, another pair of hoopers that will be friends for life. Long story short, Prentice and I hit it off (PAUSE!). I knew this dude was going to be my friend for life. Dude is now like a brother to me and with that I became like another member of his family. For the past two summers I’ve spent an extended period of time with them, all in pursuit of improving myself on and off the court. It worked. The Smalls took me in as if I were a child of their own and they did a great job of filling the gap that distance created for me and my blood family. I can’t even begin to list the many life lessons I learned.
I’m reflecting on this because for the first time in a long time I’m being pulled away from another family that I have grown close to. The Smalls are a large part of the umbrella of a family that I formed during my time at Lehigh. While some people slid off the top of the umbrella and out of my life, most didn’t. Those who slid off still taught me many valuable lessons as well. I thank you all. I’m also very thankful for those of you that have stuck with me throughout many of the good and bad times in my life. I’m definitely going to need you all in this next stage of life and travel across the pond. I love yall.



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