So far to go


You have come so far
You’ve got so far to go
Say it again!
You have come so far
You’ve got so far to go ”
Lyrics from a Common song appropriately titled, “So far to go”. This can’t be any more true. I, along with many other athletes, have taken the first step towards my dreams and goals, but by no means am I anywhere near accomplishing them. I’m beginning a journey down a path that many people didn’t think I would ever reach, which has partially motivated me to work so hard to get to place myself in this position in the first place. The congratulations and good jobs and we’re proud of you’s are greatly appreciated, but I have more to accomplish and more to achieve. I’m just very fortunate that I know what my passion is.
Hopefully tomorrow is just as productive as today was. I’m now pretty much back to square one. Now I know where I’m going but nothing else has changed and the process is still the same. All I can do is continue to work as hard as I possibly can to improve my game. I really don’t know how to accomplish anything any other way. Nothing worth having comes easily.



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