Today my Blackberry almost met its demise. The fateful slip, and splash of water almost destroyed my connection to the world. I was about two seconds away from having a full on mental breakdown, yet after exposing my phone to the wind generated by a car going 80 mph it magically started to work again.
To be honest this was a bit of a wake up call for me. I’m addicted to my blackberry. To many of you who actually know me this might not be a surprise, but I’m just really coming to terms with it. The only time my phone really leaves my hand is when I’m playing basketball, granted I’m trading one addiction for another, but that other addiction is making me money lol.  The funny part is I hate phone calls, absolutely despise them. I rarely ever answer them, even though my phone was probably in my hand. Most people who call me have the tendency to talk for hours and hours on end and I just don’t believe in speaking to one person at a time. Sorry world. If you ever want to talk to me just text me, or bbm me. I promise ill hit you back and I’m really not trying to be rude I just don’t like the phone.
Ok I lied, maybe sometimes I will answer, but the easiest way to never hear back from me is to call me with a blocked number -_-, Ill never answer haha.  Just keeping it 100. Don’t hate me




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