Signed, Sealed and Delivered


It is official. As of 8:30 P.M., I am officially a professional basketball player. I decided to sign with the Plymouth Raiders from Plymouth England and I really have been blessed with this opportunity. The fact that I’ve officially taken this first step forward is still setting in. I have many people to thank for helping me get to this point in my career, considering I’ve only been playing this game seriously for eight years, and believe me, I’ve come a long way. Believe it or not, in eighth grade I could barely make a lay-up without jumping off two feet haha yeah I was a bum. So on that note, I want to thank Travon Muhammad for helping me really cultivate a true love for game. Daryl Roper, for helping me grow as a person and a basketball player. These two played the largest roles in my life basketball wise and I’m indebted to them in ways I really can’t imagine. Also have to thank Coach Reed and Coach Taylor for giving me the chance to play at Lehigh, even though many other schools over looked me. Coach Logie, Wyche, Kruger, Allen, and Weiner. Robert Jordan lol, the Small family, Jerry Powell, Nique, Ty, Antonio Williams and my own family of course. But the grind really does continue. I now have about six weeks or so before I leave this country. Time to work just a little bit harder.



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  1. Dear Mike,

    Pleased to see that you have reached your dream. I hope you plan to keep a blog to keep us abreast of your progress.Glad to have had the opportunity to see you grow on your journey to your dream. It has been a real pleasure knowing you and meeting your family. The best of luck to you and God bless you. Please give my best to Prentice.


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