Chess but not Checkers


Things have changed up a little bit. I underestimated the span of the nature of this blog. Today I was notified that some teams, Gm’s, and even owners were reading my blog.
Being that this blog exists as a 95% honest account of my thoughts and experiences, this provides them with valuable insight about where I may go and how I feel about potentially going there.
This is very flattering, only because as a writer you obviously want a certain kind of person to notice and view your work.
But as you can imagine from a business aspect how this can jeopardize some things, which is exactly why I haven’t been 100% about everything on here. Some things you have to play close to your chest.

“This sh*t is chess, not checkers.”



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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I think it gives a good idea of the ups and downs faced by college grads who want to play professionally. It’s a completely new world for me and you manage to make it interesting even to me who don’t follow sports much. I feel you’re being fair to the people you interact with while remaining faithful to your dreams. You’ve been very fair-handed in describing your interactions with everybody.

    Agents, GMs and owners who read your blog should be thrilled to have met someone so committed to excellence and they should be eager to have you on their team. (Besides, if reading your blog gets the person who wrote “hehehe” in his emails to clean up his wording a bit, that can’t be a bad thing.)

    I was sorry to hear about the issues you raised (about the contract) in your previous post. Maybe that’s something you can negotiate? Teams should be very careful not to give the impression they’re leaving loopholes to their advantage, even if they might not have intended to. In these days of social media, potential players have more options to raise awareness regarding that sort of behavior than before.

    It does seem that there should be a negotiating phase where you can share your concerns and see if they’re willing to respond to some of them. I would leave it to them to reject your proposal for changes rather than rejecting their offer straight out. (Dear agents, GMs and owners: what do you think of that?) Also, if you do reject the offer, you might want to go back to the post about the offer and redact the team’s name. Just a thought.

    I hope you’ll realize your dream and find a team for which you are a great fit and which you will help achieve greatness. I’m sure you can do it! Keep us posted.

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