More about nothing


So the high of having an offer I was more than ready to accept and celebrate over ended quickly after I received a phone call last night. The call came from Aubrey, whom has played a part in just about everything I have been doing with the whole overseas process. It was some pretty sobering information.
The current deal that I’m now being pressured into accepting by Jordan and the team, just became pretty suspect.
Aubrey highlighted some gaping holes in the contract that would leave me vulnerable as a player.
First, being the stipulations of me being required to dedicate one hour per day to work the teams basketball camps, in addition to six hours a week I would have to spend coaching within the same program.
Second, there is a 10,000 pound buy-out, which is ridiculously high considering the amount of the contract.
Third, if I were to get hurt or injured in any way and I were unable to play for between 14-28 days, my pay would be cut in half, and anything exceeding would grant them the right to terminate my contract immediately.
Fourth and most importantly, if I have any issues money wise with the team I would be restricted to taking those issues up with the team, which makes no sense because if I have an issue with the team, why would they want to help me get paid.

With all this being brought to light, obviously now I no longer want to dive into this opportunity.

Another thing to note is the rushed nature of the whole situation. Aubrey, who was the first person to make any contact with the team, was unavailable to respond to them for only two days before they committed the sin of contacting me over Facebook.
I’ve come up with a few theories about why the team may be trying to rush me.
They might not want me to go to any other teams within the same league, in addition to be trying to snatch up a quality player for a low price.
Part of me still wants to be patient and wait a little longer because I am that much more marketable due to my passport situation. But we shall see. I still have some time.



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