The System


Prior to today things were moving relatively slow from a business stand point, yet things changed. A few teams from England’s first League have started contacting my agents. In addition to another team from Germany and Cyprus, but as of now England is still my first pick. Aubrey has returned in a huge way, yet he is still stressing that I remain patient. Apparently it’s still early? Which is crazy because it is mid-July, but this is a new experience. He also spoke of the possibility of a package deal that would send my teammate, Prentice Small, to the same team. Watch out europe haha. On another note Gary the ringer did come through with an offer from a British league so I can’t really knock him. He is about his business, however he brought up an interesting point.
“Herein u see the issue with not committing to one agent. Someone will end up un-compensated for his work.”
That’s very true, but in my eyes its all in the nature of the business. I’ve been open an honest with everyone I’ve communicated with, which is why I still remain unsigned. These agents are working for me, I’m not working for them. I have to work the system as well.
More good news to come.



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