Day 2 Nyc,

Its too hot to function out here, I’ve never been to Africa, but it is Africa hot out here. Wake up, take two steps and pow, instant sweat. It is a far cry from the dry California heat, yet I keep reminding myself that I did voluntarily come out here to improve my game and it’s working. I now have a third family out here that is helping push me to be the best person I could be.
Some of them are just wrong though. I’m currently riding on the Long island railroad after a pro-city game and one of my boys was approached by a woman. He reached for his hat and slowly placed it over his face to get the message across that he didn’t want to speak to her. Classic, Prentice haha.
But on another note, Gary, who boldly boasted last night that he could get me multiple contract offers in 24 hours. Yeah, time is up buddy and nothing has sufficed, thank you for your time. I wasn’t surprised, yet ironically I did end up speaking with the owner and head coach of a first league team in the UK. I’m more than thrilled, and if the money is right, I am there with no hesitation. Having the opportunity to have my first job in an english speaking foreign country is huge. Especially playing in your natural position.
The only downside is Aubrey is the one who connected me with them. It’s harder to reach him than Obama. The team reached out to me over Facebook because they couldn’t reach him either, and as a result of this I reach out to Jordan and I’m now trying to conduct negotiations with them through him. Hopefully it works out, the grind continues.



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