The Ringer


After a long two weeks I once again find myself back in the Empire State. Yep, on the same grind. The first day of pick up and workouts went well, but it was a long day. Things have seemingly slowed down from an offers stand point. Many teams are interested, but with many Nba players looking to venture across the pond now because of the lockout, the whole dynamic of going overseas is changing. My luck has placed me right in the middle of it. With that being said, Frank, Jordan and Aubrey have done a great job in trying to find offers for me and bring things to the table. However, I think I might have found a ringer.
Back in May I went to lunch with this guy, let’s call him Gary. He was a real slick talking guy who seemed to have a huge array of contacts. At the time I chose not to make any commitments or promises, yet wisely i stayed in touch with him.
Tonight he approached me and inquired about my current situation, I filled him in, and he told me he could have multiple offers for me within 24 hours. Sounds way too good to be true huh? I hope he comes though with it, we shall see.



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