Thoughts From the clouds Pt. 2


I was really happy about my last airplane inspired post. Since I find myself in the clouds so often I think I’m going to make it a series.

Its 8:30 A.M. and way too much is going on right now for my liking. I’m not alone though as I can barely hear my frustrated thoughts over the whaling screams of a disgruntled toddler. Maybe the little guy is tired? I know I am. Fresh off the brilliant idea of trying to pull an all nighter after a night out at Gladstones so i could sleep on the plane. -_- It didn’t quite work as planned, being a designated driver is more draining than you’d think it would be. As I found myself on my Farnsworth Bentley swag, I realized that only at 2:30 A.M will you find adults drunkenly talking like teenage boys about the numbers they got, breasts they grabbed and women they kissed. It was very entertaining.
Unfortunately, the all nighter plan was a complete fail. I passed out, (reason I’m writing) but I was woken up by a phone call from the Coach of a Danish team. They have officially stepped their game up, this is starting to feel like the high school recruiting process all over again. He spoke of promises of 30-40 minutes per game, with me at the one. Great phone call to wake up to? Definitely, especially because I could be in a position where no one is calling me. But as the days keep passing I’m really questioning all the false promises 90% of these agents have made. I should definitely make the safe choice and sign, but I’ve been making safe picks for my entire life. Its time to take a chance, I know it will workout.

But back to these thoughts, here are 31 more thoughts from 30,000 feet.

1. If you’re a head coach in the women’s world cup it probably isn’t a good idea to pick your nose on the sideline.

2. Sharing an arm rest sucks, especially when the dude you have to share it with looks like he benches 350.

3. Sports aren’t for everyone. Parents, if I could pick up on this by dealing with your kids for four days you have to already know this.

4. Hard work pays off, and it pays good as hell.

5. Live your goals.

6. The heart can only fool the mind if the mind doesn’t know what it really wants.

7. Commitment yields results.

8. Women are just as if not more heartless than men are.

9. Sometimes you have to let those who think they know all, realize they really know nothing.

10. I’m not a fan at people who do things in search of praise.

11. Do you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it?

12. Don’t try to be cool, just be you.

13. I don’t believe 13 is an unlucky number. It’s just a number, but six on the other hand, that’s something else.

14. I got my wish for some turbulence, and I’m starting to regret it.

15. I don’t understand why women and men pay for cosmetic implants, especially butt implants.

16. When are flight attendants going to realize that electronic devices don’t inhibit the pilots from doing anything? Bet money the captain is in the cockpit setting up moves for his evening.

17. I hate Kids. Not all of them but a vast majority: only the kids that feel like it’s ok to randomly scream on a plane, or throw stuff at their parents.

18. Is it weird that I thank god that I wasn’t born in the 1940’s or 50’s?

19. It’s pathetic that with all the flying I do, I still don’t have enough miles to get a free trip anywhere.

20. For the first time ever, I turn my phone off airplane mode and have zero texts or bbms.

21. Just kidding spoke way too soon.

22. I wish I had a more vocal group of haters who weren’t afraid to speak their minds. It would be so much more fun to shut them up.

23. I hope everyone else has taken note at how Dr. Dre is hustling the headphone industry it can’t cost more than five dollars to make one pair of beats by dre headphones.

24. I still wonder why as soon as a plane gets to the gate everyone jumps up as if they’re gonna get of the plane immediately, especially the people sitting in the back. Sit down and relax.

25. Why do grown men still get bowl cuts? #Swagless

26. I love the fact that I was blessed with good eyes. I have never taken the ability to just wake up and see for granted.

27. What’s the perfect girl if its not the perfect time?

28. I made a statement yesterday that my bag would be the first to come onto the conveyor belt, I won, in my mind.

29. I need to get my british accent back.

30. Virgin is hands down the best airline to fly with.

31. Love never dies.



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