Laker camp completed, check in hand, I now find myself almost excited to write my post for the day. In retrospect the camp wasn’t that bad. Granted the kids got on every last nerve of mine, but by the good graces of god I survived. Hopefully it will be a few months till I have to deal with kids getting ridiculously excited every time I count down from five.
My team lost in the semi finals which was pretty good considering we finished the week with only six players. My luck gave me two kids who would go on to each break a wrist and one break an arm. As well as one future sociopath.
To sum it up he got fouled, in his mind of course, but didn’t get the call and he retaliated with one of the cleanest clotheslines I’ve ever seen outside of a WWF match.
Yeah, he got thrown out of the game.

The one benefit of the camp is the solid group of people you get to work with, and for an aspiring professional basketball player being blessed with the chance to form personal relationships with Nba scouts and employees is priceless.
With that being said, I now get to hop back on the grind of all grinds and return to Ny tomorrow.



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