Free falling.


I’ve never been the type to get excited about the fourth of July, especially because the rest of the world doesn’t stop to observe America’s day of Independence.
With that being said, Frank emailed me again, and the time is now. I have to make a decision, “I am sorry ;-( I told them, you are THE man, Give me your comments, I am really hurry and excited, hehehehehe!!!”
I wish those weren’t direct quotes but that’s Frank. I thought it would be easy to decline an offer, I was wrong haha very wrong. Saying no to money that you don’t have isn’t easy, especially with it being the last of my initial offers. Am I nervous? Yes, but am I worried? No. I just took another leap.
Patience is a virtue. Many of life’s lessons have taught me this already. The first option isn’t always the best option. So as of now it’s back to the drawing board. Luckily I have good people in my corner and a great passport situation.
Few people know that I’m actually a British Citizen, which greatly increases my marketability as I mentioned in “Draft.” Hopefully I land soon.



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