Fears to let go


Thank the lord for allowing me to live another blessed week. It was pretty productive even though I wasn’t able to put as many hours as I wanted to in the gym. I got a great workout in yesterday with my former high school coach, Daryl Roper, and as usual he threw some wise words and thoughts. It’s hard not to listen to the advice of someone who has played the game at the highest level, in addition to helping coach countless amounts of players to college scholarships and two to the NBA. I could go on for days about the positive life advice Rope has given me but I’m gonna keep it brief.
The wise words he imparted with me were pretty simple, “You will know the job for you, if you have goals of playing at the
highest level don’t stop or settle until you get there.”
Simple enough right?
Ironically this conversation came after the “deadline” passed for a team from Germany. That just isn’t/wasn’t the right job for me.

With that said it’s back to the drawing board, Jordan and Frank both seem to be working hard.
Frank’s english appears to be getting worse as our emails continue, and his use of “hehehehe” is just ridiculously unprofessional. But apparently he has contacts in France and Denmark who are very interested in dual citizenship players.
Jordan is now talking about Austria, a few teams liked my highlight tape and have now requested game film.
July is definitely looking like it’s going to be way more eventful than June.



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