Day Care


Laker Camp, day three, hump day.

I love basketball, and I am a fan of Kids but this whole baby sitting thing is not fun. For the majority of kids this age it isn’t about basketball, they don’t really love the game. They’re parents just needed an excuse to get them out of the house for a week so they can get their swerve on.
The end result is a headache for those who have to take care of them. It’s torture and I personally hate it. Yet money has the strange ability to influence our decision making process.
This is exactly why I’m fortunately unfortunately working this camp. The need for money trumps everything because it is essential to our survival. In my case the primary decision that money may influence pertains to basketball.

Good old Frank re-emerged this past week (refer to “Busy now?”), I have the deadline of today to make a decision on the best offer I’ve got so far. -_-, yeah I’m not ready to make that decision lol. But with nothing else remaining on the table, and bills calling my name, a decision has to be made.
Haha, yeah not yet, I managed to buy myself a little bit more time by asking Frank to provide me with the actual contract he wants me to sign. Surprisingly, it isn’t waiting for me, which leads me to believe all this pressure is coming from him and not the team. Thanks Frank, you’re doing a great job at making yourself look like an honest individual.
Jordan also re-emerged today, with news from Spain but nothing concrete, hopefully that pans out. Definitely can’t complain about the shoes that are coming my way either. The waiting game continues, the worst part about all this is I’m writing this blog while sitting beside the assistant GM for the Lakers. Now isn’t that ironic? Don’t you think? Maybe one day.



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