Thoughts from the clouds


As we go up into the clouds I find myself falling into an unusual state of peace.
I have been in a relatively constant state of communication with the world, be it through social media or actual one on one conversations via text or bbm. The only time I really find myself completely disconnected and unplugged from the world is when I have my head in the clouds. (At an altitude of 30,000 feet far above the reach of cell signals and no desire to pay $10 for Wifi, will definitely get the job done.) On the way up to this altitude I find myself battling flight attendants and keeping my Blackberry’s mobile connection on until the last possible moment. Despite the horrible looks I get from my neighbors, I continue to slave away to my digital vices.

But now all that’s over, up here there is no facebook, no twitter, no bbm, no texting, no internet. It’s quiet, and real thinking can occur.

So on this 3 hour and 49 minute flight you might wonder what is actually going through my mind, well now you can find out.

Here are 31 thoughts from 30,000 feet.

Thought 1: Why is airport food so expensive? The fact that the average price for a McDonalds Meal at the Chicago O’hare airport is around nine dollars is completely ridiculous to me. Last time I checked, the quality of the food doesn’t improve due to its location so why should the price change?

Thought 2: If you are in a relationship where no distance is involved yet you are actively seeking out ways to get with other women or men, you need to get out of that relationship. Why waste your time? Clearly your “significant” other isn’t so significant lol go out and find someone who is that significant to you.

Thought 3: Airlines are becoming so broke that they are charging their customers for everything. I’m waiting to get charged for a “complimentary” drink or blanket lol.

Thought 4: To all the people out there telling lies, at least do those whom you are lying to the favor of telling them a decent one. In some cases, telling a bad or stupid lie can be worse than telling someone the truth. Who can honestly say they want their intelligence insulted by some bogus lie?

Thought 5: Whoever came up with the concept of “planking” is directly playing a role in the deterioration of human culture.

Thought 6: Shoutout to the future Psychiatrist sitting beside me, she has all the snacks but doesn’t want to share lol

Thought 7: Who came up with the idea that a seat belt will save your life in the event of a crash?

Thought 8: You know the whole speech flight attendants give, “in the event of a water landing, you can use your seat cushion as a flotation device” last time I checked there is no landing in water. That is called a crash! Why lie? lol

Thought 9: I’ve realized that I’m really blessed to be able to wake up and see. I don’t have to mess with glasses, contacts or any of that.

Thought 10: The whole no cut till a contract thing might have to allow line ups. I’m starting to resemble someone who should be working in the fields.

Thought 11: Nike Elite socks might be the most comfortable socks ever created for purchase.

Thought 12: Frienemies might be the worst people to have around. Women keep way more around than guys do, but don’t think you don’t look like an asshole after you’ve talked shit about ol girl and then you get spotted kickin it with her.

Thought 13: It is rude to pass wind in a confined space, yes airplane included, apparently bruh man in front of me didn’t get the memo. -_- , I’m secretly wishing that the cabin can de-pressurize so I can put my oxygen mask on.

Thought 14: They need to have big boy sized cans of soda and juice. This whole 12 oz thing doesn’t do anything for me.

Thought 15: My blackberry is really the cause of my addiction to social networking. Without this I wouldn’t ever go on facebook, twitter, blog or do anything other than play basketball. It has probably hurt me in more ways than it has helped me.

Thought 16: I feel like a lot of people need to re-evaluate some of their so called friends. Because when shit hits the fan, many of them will quickly place their personal interests and priorities above yours.

Thought 17: Turbulence is fun, I don’t care what anyone has to say.

Thought 18: What is the point in making a mistake if you aren’t going to learn from it? You can only make the same mistake so many times before people start to think you are retarded.

Thought 19: Flamboyantly gay people scare me. Flamboyantly straight people scare me too lol. It’s the whole Flamboyant concept, I’m just not with it.

Thought 20: American Airlines would decide to show one movie during a four hour flight -_-.

Thought 21: Consistency is the key to success.

Thought 22: It isn’t cute or remotely sexy to pick you nose, look around to see if anyone saw you and then rub your snot/ booger on the airplane seat. This would be nasty if you were like 5-10 years old, but at like 23? That’s just disgusting.

Thought 23: I cry inside when my blackberry battery starts to die.

Thought 24: Never be afraid to be yourself, be true and be you.

Thought 25: To all the guys out there that thought sending the lyrics to Marvin’s room would get their ex’s back. Hahaha you’re not Drake, it’s not gonna work.

Thought 26: A woman worth some anger is definitely worth the effort.

Thought 27: I hate people that contradict themselves.

Thought 28: I definitely contradict myself haha.

Thought 29: I want to start a line of Dri-Fit clothes but not just some plain T’s, some real intricate stuff. Gotta look out for the other sweaty guys out there with swag haha.

Thought 30: I’ve always wanted to be picked up by a driver holding my name of a piece of paper.

Thought 31: Love is underrated.



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  1. My favorite thoughts are #13 and # 22. Maybe its that I have young kids – but bodily humor makes me laugh. I can hear them laughing with you, too.

    Is it OK to non discreetly pull the wedgie out after sitting on a 3+ hour flight? Just wondering….

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  3. Hi Mike..fine thots from d cloud..mine are thots from Africa! Just ruminating wt u really…On yr Thot 13, my sympathies! next time, take a time out, go 2 d loo! On dear just go for x2 = 24oz lol! The bigger d head, the bigger d headache!

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