Dear summer?


American Airlines, row three seat C, once again I find myself aboard a plane. Life has been a roller coaster ride since graduation. A little more than a month has passed by, yet ironically I find myself leaving Bethlehem again. The journey that brought me to this point was a bit different. I left Los Angeles to head to Washington D.C to participate in an invite only tryout for the Nigerian national team. In retrospect having this opportunity is / was a huge blessing. I was given the chance to play for a team that represents an entire nation. The team is coached by Nba legend John Lucas, and is supervised and managed by Denver nuggets GM Masai Ujiri. The two day camp was very intense. Coach Lucas got in a great amount of running in a very short period of time. (Old school mentality) With the exception of five players, (myself included), the camp was littered with seasoned veterans, who had multiple years experience playing internationally and in the Nba. It was a great environment to test my skills against a very high level of competition. I held my own, even though I was forced to play out of position. (ill have the whole point guard spot down in a few years) The only downside was that there are only two open spots on the team. I left a great impression on many of the coaches and left as the best shooter in the camp.
My next stop was Bethlehem, Pa to continue my workouts and visit my former coaches as well as Consuella. (Don’t ask) A week later I was heading to Harrisburg, Pa for a night to relax and unwind. My next stop was Long Island, New York, where I continued working out and almost had my spirit broken, aka “Constructive Criticism.” My next stop was Boston, Massachusetts. It was only for a night but it was very eventful to say the least. Those stories aren’t very blog friendly haha. From Boston, I ventured to Cape Cod, where I really gained a deeper understanding of myself. Throw in a 5 1/2 hour drive back to Bethlehem and a two hour flight to Chicago and you can find me blogging from O’hare.
As long as it seems like the month of June has been, when I sit and reflect upon it, it is a blur. My birthday is tomorrow (June 28th) and the sad thing is that my friend had to remind me.
I get to celebrate 22 years of life on this planet working with kids at the Lakers annual summer camp. Am I excited? Yes. First and foremost for the check that is forthcoming and second for the opportunity to cultivate the minds of these young basketball players, but only the minds of those that truly love the game. I’m not excited for the majority of kids whose parents have just thrown them in the camp so they can go on vacation.

I’m almost sure the month has been lengthened by uncertainty, but I have no control over that. I know a job is soon to come.



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  1. Dear Mike,

    Happy Birthday! I am a June baby too! I admire your courage and hard work. I have attached my e-mail address. Please stay in touch.

    Clara Adams

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