Mid-Late June, the hopes, dreams and aspirations of hundreds of basketball players are put to the test as they eagerly anticipate David Stern’s announcement of their selection to an Nba franchise. 60 players hear there names called, while the unlucky and not necessarily less talented un-selected players head to various leagues around the world.
I could probably give you all a very in depth post about the draft and etc but I’m feeling lazy today. But anyway, many of these players will fill the various first league spots in these countries, and will cause a trickle down effect to occur around the world. This directly affects where players such as myself can be placed. With that being said I was very happy about so many guards getting selected in the second round.
Granted I have an advantage over many Americans because I’ve been blessed with a british passport. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the process, having a non-american passport is beneficial because certain leagues have a limit to how many Americans are allowed on individual team rosters.
With that being said, hopefully I can land on a first or second division team in a respectable league and begin to climb the ranks of international basketball.



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