Constructive Criticism


Today has been a long day, three workouts later I find myself struggling to move the keys of this Blackberry. This will definitely be the shortest entry ill ever put out. But something came to mind mid workout, these thoughts were inspired by one of my boys who can’t take criticism. There is a real simple concept that separates those who want to get better and those who already think they are good.
You have to be able to take Constructive criticism. If you can’t handle someone telling you what you need to improve on, give it up now. You cannot be mentally soft and be successful playing hoop.
I got checked today myself, but I took it in the right way.
My greatest strength as a basketball player is also my greatest weakness. I can shoot, ever since I really learned how to shoot I stopped forcing the issue and going to the basket. In my mind why would I drive to rack into the trees and get bounced around and thrown on my ass when I can just knock down a jumper? Same two points and I’m sparing myself a bunch of bumps and bruises.
WRONG, I’m gonna be brutally honest with myself and everyone else.
I had inadvertently made myself a one dimensional player, that isn’t going to get the job done, at least at the level I want to make it to. I’m starting the process of re-programing myself. The more facets you add to your game, the more reasons a coach will have to keep you out on the floor.
The process should be fun though, only because I love this game, other wise there would be no reason on this earth I would be working this hard.
Other than that I don’t have much to say today, all is quiet on the agent front, I guess no news is good news. I hope they are out there putting in the same amount work that I’m putting in.



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  1. Being able to hear criticism and work on your weaknesses is hugely important if you want to have success, whether it be on the court or in the workplace or in marriage. Self-criticism also is important. To really be able to see and own your flaws is a skill, and it takes practice. Doing something – getting better – with that information is even more important.

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