Busy Now?


Yesterday I spoke about basketball being a brotherhood and the whole concept of people passing on knowledge through sharing their life experiences. Coincidentally later that evening I was blessed enough to have two conversations with people who have already paved the path I’m trying to walk.
As usual, the 503’s Marquis Hall, had many wise words to say. The three words stuck out to me the most were TRUST NO ONE.
This might seem pretty obvious but it’s not as easy as you think to not start building trust with people you are forming personal relationships with. It’s much easier with some than others. Building personal relationships with agents makes it so much harder to make business related decisions. It’s hard to not feel some sort of ties and connections with these people when they’re spending hundreds of dollars on dinner for you, and when you’re poppin bottles with them.
As of right now I have 2 1/2 people I’m seriously talking to, one of which I’ve already given a verbal commitment too. For the sake of being professional I feel obligated to change their names.
So for the 1/2 guy let’s go ahead and call him Frank. He’s based out of some European country that he has yet to tell me about. Do I trust him? Hell no, easy decision lol but he has already brought two legitimate offers to the table, which is the cause of my conflicting thoughts. He is also actively pressuring me to sign as you read this.
Let’s go ahead and call the first guy Jordan. He’s based in the continental United States, can’t say which one because that will just be a give away. But I was blessed with the opportunity to have a sit down meeting with him and other members of his agency, went out for dinner and drinks and had a good time. His primary selling point was the fact he would work as hard if not harder (pause) than I am on the court, off the court to find me a job. In addition to having a company that has the built in infrastructure to provide signed athletes with post career internships and externships in an athlete’s preferred field of work. Sounds good huh?
The only problem is they have yet to bring an offer to the table. It is relatively early in the game so they have time on their side.
As for the second guy let’s call him Aubrey. To make it short and sweet, he is legit. He has already got me in the door with one country’s national team and has the connections to set me up with another. He also has a long list of former clients who have had successful careers overseas. The downside, he has the tendency to disappear for extended periods of time. This could also be a plus though. Instead of spending time talking to me he could be talking to the necessary powers at hand to find me a contract. He also has yet to bring a contract to the table.
In a perfect world I would simply have all these guys in my corner working for me, but that’s not real life. So until the situation becomes more clear I think I’m going to keep my signature off any and all pieces of paper.
Ironically, the second person I received advice from was one of these agents. He told me that the best way to ensure that I get a job playing overseas was to diversify my game as much as possible. With that and the additional benefit of having a british passport. Finding a job shouldn’t be too difficult, with hard work, luck and prayer.

Europe is the mission….I’m definitely busy now.



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