Agent 0?


So when thinking about becoming a professional athlete the second thing to talent that people think is required is an agent.
In most of my experiences these agents have existed simply as middle men who were trying to take 10%(be it not out of my individual 100%) for just sending out some emails.

A vast majority of agents also choose to tell potential clients everything that they want to hear, while pumping you up to be the greatest player in the world. Yeah, that’s not me, if anything that is a huge red flag. I’m built in the mold of a person who can take constructive criticism, I know I’m not the greatest player in the world which is why I’m in the gym everyday.

This is why I have been very selective with the various agents I have given my time to. I want an agent to work as hard off the court as I work on the court. I think I’ve found the right fit, but not the right contract. I’m just trying to make it.



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